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Agni means fire & hotra means healing- is an ancient fire ritual from India, It was described in the Veda. Aging about 7000 years Old.
Its now been practiced across the globe & is not linked to any religion, it’s purely a practice, an energy ritual which provides amasing results.

How to perform agnihotra?
Agnihotra is a fire ceremony practiced every day, exactly at the time of sunrise & sunset. You may miss a day but it works best done regularly.

Materials required for Agnihotra
1. Copper pyramid with support stand
2. Copper Dish for the rice (Small size)
3. Copper Spoon for the butter (Small size)
4. Copper tongs for the fire, when needed
5. Cow’s Ghee (Clarified butter)
6. Natural camphor
7. Dried cow dung Cakes
8. Fire source – Matchbox or Candle
9. Local sunrise – sunset time chart for your location
10. Container for ash

Procedure to perform Agnihotra

Using a small copper pyramid with exact dimension’s is necessary (Isha home’s have taken care of it)
Burning dried Cow dung cakes & offering of a pinch full of rice smeared with a few drops of cow`s ghee is offered, along with a special mantra (Sound vibrations), exactly at the time of sunrise & sunset

Mantra is a quantum technology to neturalizes Mind, Body & Surrounding’s

Sunrise Mantra
Suryaya Swaha, Suryaya Idam Na mama, Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

Sunset Mantra
Agnaye Swaha, Agnaye Idam Na mama, Prajapataye Swaha, Prajapataye Idam Na mama

While chanting Agnihotra mantra & after each “Swaha” offer few rice grains, coated with cow’s ghee.

Sit and concentrate on the fire until the offerings are fully burnt.